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Club Presidents

The Club President is the title awarded annualy
to someone 
who has done a lot for the hobby of lighter collecting.


2019/20 Freddy Alberti Wirsing
2018/19 Paul Schofield
2016/17 Jack Bond
2015/16 Rob Wilkinson
2014/15 Linda Meabon
2013/14 Vlad P. Radic
2012/13 Richard Ball
2011/12 Koji Nakauchi
2010/11 John Clayton
2009/10 Liam Oakley
2008/09 Grahame Martin
2007/08 Luciano Bottoni
2006/07 Peter Brooks
2005/06 Stefano Bisconcini
2004/05 Volker Putz
2003/04 Larry Tolkin
2002/03 David Ashworth
2001/02 Rolf Muller
2000/01 Peter Tranter
1999/00 Urban Cummings
1998/99 Judith Sanders
Ad Van Weert
Howard Smith



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